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Practice Transportation 2012

August 21st, 2012 | Posted by tbirdswim in Uncategorized

To accommodate our new pool and our new time for swim practice, we have been provided access to two vans for transportation to and from Deer Valley pool in the afternoons. You are welcome to take advantage of the vans for a ride to practice but are not required to do so.

Taking the van:

  • The vans will pick up after school in the bus bay near the mini-gym.
  • Be there by 2:50 so that you don’t miss the van.
  • The vans have seating for 30. If our demand is higher than seating capacity, we will make more than one run to the pool with the vans.
  • If you take the van to practice, you are not obligated to take the van back. HOWEVER, if a family member is going to pick you up after practice they must be there prior to the last van leaving. If they are not at Deer Valley in time, you MUST take the van back to school and your ride can get you there.

Other methods of arriving to practice:

  • If you are of legal driving age and have transportation, you are allowed to drive yourself to and from practice provided you complete a permission slip (see the staff).
  • Your parents may take you to and/or from practice.

On days that we have meets instead of practice, there will be a bus that EVERYONE must ride to the meet.

Remember, we expect you at practice every day. As a team member you are committing to being responsible for arriving on time!

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